February 3, 2009


Daschle OUT! How many strikes is that now for Obama? Is there a historical record for comparisons on false starts for nominations? Is Obama closing in on the record yet? Is it cynical to say that Richardson and Daschle were put up as distractions from the Geithner tax issues?

Is the Gregg nomination simply there because Obama is running out of Democrat nominees for his administration? And if so, does Obama net out with more Republicans in his cabinet than Democrats? How would the left take that?

Are there going to be any statements in this blog entry, or only questions?

At this point, all I have are questions. Hopefully somebody in the Obama administration is asking questions too. Let's tally the damage.

Before the election some people were pointing out that a pattern of past behavior or associations is indicative of what future behavior or associations might look like:
ACORN - voter fraud and intimidation
Ayers - Weather Underground terrorist or terrorism advocate
Reverend Wright - anti-American pastor
Rezko - real estate chicanery

Indirectly related to the Obama administration (but Democrats all):

Blagojevich - pay-for play scandal
Burris - seated after Democrats vowed not to seat him
Franken - fundraising scandal, election theft scandal.
Sheila Dixon - corruption, perjury, theft
Gary Becker - child pornography
William Jefferson - racketeering
Elliot Spitzer - sex scandal
John Edwards - affair
David Patterson - affairs

And then there's this list.

And since the election:

Geithner- taxes
Richardson - pay-for-play
Daschle - taxes
Emmanuel - a role in the Blago scandal? A role in the Fannie Mae scandal?
Killifer - in the last hour.

And that's just what comes to mind off the top of my head. I could have missed a couple.

At a minimum we have 5 scandals in 14.5 days (say 15 days). 1 every 3 days. At that rate by the 2010 elections we will have seen 44.7 scandals out of the Obama administration. And that excludes any scandals in Congress and the Senate.

Obama voters, the pride you must feel....


  1. Not as much pride you must feel for attempting to make something out of nothing. Appears you're still licking your election day wounds. Enjoy the next four years of misery...

  2. Out of nothing? That's rich. Keep taking your soma.


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