March 5, 2011

Sebelius: Okay yeah, we're double counting

This slam dunk needs to be replayed ad nauseum between now and November 2012. Health and Human Sacrifices secretary Kathleen Sebelius is being questioned regarding the money for Obamacare. She initially tries to answer the very direct question by explaining what money they are talking about.  That is a non-answer by obfuscation. When Rep. Shimkus tries to get a simple answer, eventually he does.

That is slam dunk material.


  1. That’s not fraud. That was a mis-calculation. Or maybe it was missed in reading the bill. Or maybe it was explained to me wrong. Or maybe I wasn’t there when it was going to be implemented. Or maybe “i’m just doing what the clown in charge told me to do”. Or maybe and most likely it was another blatant attempt at stealing another 500 billion form the people! Ooops! couldn’t be that. After all, these bastards don’t consider it anything other than their own money. Watching the video, one can only say 2 words (excuse my French today but I’m rather ticked) Bull Shit!

  2. I don't know how she could have said that and not realized there would be repercussions. Political repercussions for the administration and perhaps even her personally.

    Her statement, her admission, absolutely betrays everything Obama is saying about being serious about reducing the debt. It betrays all the farcical statements about being open and transparent. It belies pretty much all credibility this administration has about being honest, or serious or not being agenda driven. It shows their true cut-throat colors. This video needs to be shown every single day.

    I sense your vehemence Joe, I'm pretty sure your French is off though...

  3. LOL! It's a term I learned when I was a kid if swearing! Never knew why it was the French though!

  4. I know the term too, but not the origin. Now I have to investigate.

  5. Joe, here's the Wiki on pardon my French:


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