March 17, 2011

Stealing elections

I'm not sure how you can proactively prevent this type of criminal subterfuge designed to distort an election. It is probably not even possible. But it serves as a reminder to be vigilant. Tea Parties need to keep an eye on activities in their areas to prevent this sort of thing.

In Oakland county in Michigan a couple of now former Democrat party officials were attempting to distort the election results last year by putting up bogus Tea Party candidates.  That in itself is not illegal. A phony Tea Party is legitimate if you register properly. Getting suckers to vote for you is standard political fare too. The felony comes in when they start registering people without their knowledge.

Not only were they criminal, they weren't very smart in how they went about it. It isn't an indictment of the Democratic party as a whole, but it is an indictment if win-at-all-costs progressivism. Too bad they will likely continue to find new ways to influence both people and elections.

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