March 31, 2011

CIA in Libya - Vietnam II?

Even before the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the CIA was involved in Vietnam. Their actions there predated  the onset of the actual war. With military air strikes being layered in before the ground war really got started.  The CIA was their for training as well as intel.  There was a path of escalation.  

Now it turns that the CIA was apparently there in Libya before the the no fly zone was put in place.  The point is that there was a path of escalation in Vietnam that has an eerie resemblance to the situation early on in Libya.  Is this a repeat of Vietnam?  It's way too early for any serious consideration of that, but if you see some Libyan forces attack on U.S. personnel, planes or even ships, I'd be prepared for a response just like the Gulf of Tonkin response.  Likely?  No, but certainly possible.  

The Vietnam war was started by a Democrat, so I'm just throwing the idea out there as a not fully formed notion, much the way the Libyan response from Obama didn't seem to be fully formed.  Except with the news about the CIA, I'm not so sure there wasn't some sort of escalation path the White House may have had in mind all along.

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  1. What’s worse is that it is apparent he did not bother to inform anyone on the Legislative side as required until well after the time limit was exceeded to do so! Not a word from the MSM though! Now can someone please tell me why the moron in the White house is aiding what is almost assuredly a pack of jackels who were and are part of a faction that believes in the eradication of Israel and was responsible for the loss of over 3,000 American citizens? Anyone who believes that the so called rebels (I’ll grant the getting rid of the tyrant slant) there are not radical in nature are not just blind. They are ignorant to the point of idiocy. and that includes our so called leader!


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