March 8, 2011

Palin's parents - bitter clingers?

Just a quick hit, no pun intended, on some news of the day. Sarah Palin's parents apparently are sleeping with guns because of death threats they've received from various nut jobs, most likely of a liberal bent. One in particular had them spooked, but the FBI   Does that mean that the President would consider them 'bitter clingers'?

Presumably Chuck and Sally Heath's crime was producing Sarah Palin.  Once again, the left, as anxious as they are to paint every possible idiot with a gun as a fascist right wing nut job (see the Giffords shooting scenario), are going to ignore the vitriolic hatred pointed at the right.  Luckily this was caught in time to prevent another Giffords type tragedy.

EXIT question: Does this sort of thing carry enough weight that Sarah Palin would not run for President?  She's always said the impact on her family is one of her biggest considerations.

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