March 8, 2011

Military trials resuming at Guantanmo. Obama be praised.

Another quick hit: President Obama has resumed military trials at Guantanamo, pleasing absolutely no one. The left will be livid at this, while the right realizes they never should have stopped in the first place. Seriously, do we give the man credit for finally realizing what he should have understood from Day 1?  If you really want to scratch your head consider this one: when he called for closing the detention facility he called it a rallying point for Muslim extremists around the world, yet he's resuming the trials while the Middle East is undergoing a sea change of revolution and chaos. Dumb, dumb, dumb, in the sense of consistency with one's own argument. Then again, that's never stopped them before.

Actually, what irks me most is a scan of the news on the subject. Everyone calls it a resumption or an end to the freeze, as if all along the President had planned to resume the trials at some point.  When the President ordered a temporary halt to the trials, I'm pretty sure everyone thought it was the first step on the way to a complete dismantling of Guantanamo detention and trials. I wonder how the far left human rights activists like Code Pink will take this news. I take that back, we already know, don't we.


  1. This is so undemocratic. It’s indicative of where we are moving if we don’t stop this completely out of control military industrial complex. It will destroy itself if we don’t rein it in first.

  2. You do realize, these detainees are terror threats, not American citizens, enemy combatants and that President Obama is certainly not beholden to the 'military industrial complex'?


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