March 17, 2011

PPP poll - WTF.

Public Policy Polling has a post that borders on deliberate character assassination: Charlie Sheen beats Sarah Palin among independents.  Really?  This is serious polling?  And is that serious voter intention?

We've found a lot of brutal poll numbers for Sarah Palin so far in 2011: down in South Dakota, down in South Carolina, down in Arizona, only up by 1 point in Texas, only up by 1 point in Nebraska to name a few. But this has to be the worst- independent voters say they would support Charlie Sheen over Palin for President by a 41/36 margin. Seriously.

Despite her deficit with independents Palin does lead Sheen 49-29 overall. We also tested Barack Obama against Sheen and the President leads 57-24.
Great.  Now how about Khaddafi versus Obama?  If I took polling like this seriously I'd be extremely miffed.  Sometimes it's so hard not to swear. [No, I'm not really miffed, but it is a stupid poll].


  1. As crazy as Sheen is, he'd probably at least act on something rather than dither for a month or so before making a decision to do anything unlike our current CIC (Clown in Chief). LOL! Never take any poll for granted anymore.

  2. Off subject! A Wisconsin judge just blocked enforcement of the new law.

  3. Yeah. I don't think that will hold up.


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