March 26, 2011

Nobody in the administration has a grasp on the Middle East

This ain't it.
Wasn't Obama's administration supposed to be some sort of dream team?  With Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Joe Biden safely out of the way as Vice President, and President Obama's own apologetic tone towards other nations, America was set for a peace and love foreign relations future with Hillary ready to help out with that 3 a.m. phone call that she felt Barack Obama could not handle. And then there was Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security.  What could possibly go wrong?

As it turns out, a lot.  A couple of bomb threats interceded by citizens later, we're into the real crux of the foreign relations nightmare that is this administration.  After the miserable failure to intercede in Iran's Green Revolution - a popular uprising that really could have benefited Iranians and America with some international involvement - it seems the President is not only willing to step blindly into the fray in the meltdowns across the Middle East, he's eager to do so.  Having demanded Hosni Mubarak step down in Egypt, while carefully ignoring events in other nations, he's turned his attention to Libya.  He seems to want to undo some of his previous foreign policy gaffes  by getting out in front of things and seeming to be on the ball compared to the last administration.  But that appearance is nowhere to be found.  Instead, the rainbows and unicorns, all you need is love naivet√© has left them floundering, perplexed and increasingly disconnected from a coherent rationale approach to the fluid situation.  Liberals can say what they might about Bush but it's hard to argue that Obama looks like he has a better understanding of the Middle East than his predecessor.  He looks completely unprepared and that has dangerous implications for the United States. 

What consequences have come out of his seemingly incoherent foreign policy decisions?  Ahmedinejad is still in power in Iran.  Egyptian power seems to be increasingly vested in the radical Muslim Brotherhood (HT Ed Morrissey at Hot Air).  And now comes word that the leader of the Libyan rebels and many of his recruits have links to Al Qaida.  So while there's a possible for some positive outcomes to the entire Middle East situation, it's far more likely right now that there are going to be a number of bad outcomes, country by country.  Bad outcomes meaning both for the Middle East and for the United States.  

Where has Hillary been in all of this?  She claimed to be prepared for foreign policy issues in her Presidential campaign.  Based on what, is not was never abundantly clear. Now, clearly she is frustrated by her current situation and the President's actions.  But her own inability to influence events or else the President proves she's no more a foreign policy wizard than Joe "There'll be a test for Obama" Biden.  She's simply not helping.  And Napolitano is no more than a stooge. It's no surprise they're having her keep a relatively low profile on these events.  If the rest of the President's dream team have no way of informing him of his erroneous decisioning then they are not a team.  It's an imperious president with a top down approach.  That's fine if the President is half as intelligent and half as competent as Obama thinks he is. But he's nowhere near even that.   Alternately, these are in fact team decisions.  That scenario is even worse. Collectively they seem to be more  comprehending of Middle Earth than the Middle East.


  1. In all reality, this administration and especially this president do not have a grasp on anything other than their you know whats,. One thing for sure. They sure have no grasp on reality, only already proven failure of an idiotic ideology.

  2. This is by far the most bumbling bunch of amateurs to ever occupy the seat of American government. With the present situation in the world, it becomes a scary scenario to say the least.

  3. Joe - that's a Michael Jackson analogy through and through.

    Diogenes - the bumbling is complicated by their sense of their own correctness in their actions. Either that or complicated by their attempts to project the image that they know what they are doing. Either way, very scary indeed.

  4. LOL! Hadn't thought of that one! Hillary's got a handful more than President Bozo, which still isn't saying much.


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