March 19, 2011

Chavez, Obama's War and Code Pink

In case you missed it the U.S. has launched over 100 tomahawk missiles into Libya today.  It begs the question why this is different from what happen in Iran in 2009?  Why wasn't the Green Revolution supported like this?  Nevertheless, this is an overdue response.  Yet some responses are dependably ridiculous.
From The Guardian;

Meanwhile Gaddafi's Latin American allies - most prominent among them Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan president - have lined up to condemn the military strikes. The presidents of Bolivia and Nicuragua, Evo Morales and Daniel Ortega, joined him in denouncing the attacks as being aimed at getting hold of Libya's oil. Fidel Castro, ex-president and father of Cuba's revolution, also chimed in, saying the attacks represent western capitalist excess doing its worst.

Chávez had this to say:

More death, more war. They are the masters of war. What irresponsibility. And behind that is the hand of the United States and its European allies. They want to seize Libya's oil. The lives of Libya's people don't matter to them at all.

It is deplorable that once again the warmongering policy of the yankee empire and its allies is being imposed, and it is deplorable that the United Nations lends itself to supporting war, infringing on its fundamental principles instead of urgently forming a commission to go to Libya.
Dependable.  Just like Code Pink.  They're busy trying to end Bush's war of aggression in Afghanistan. They claim to want democracy in the Middle East.  But how are they going to react to Obama's decision to bomb Libya?  I doubt it will rival their seething rage about Iraq.

On this sad and shameful “anniversary” of the US bombing and invasion of Iraq, we know some things, and we don’t know others.

We know that this war was based on lies, was opposed by an unprecedented coordinated wave of global protests, was not approved by the UN Security Council, and was completely unnecessary and illegal...

We know this war was about control of oil, about egos, about greed.

We know that war and occupation can never bring democracy.
Code Pink's reaction will be interesting. Unimportant. But interesting.

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  1. America has become the real terrorists of the world; we spend more; we kill more people and put more people in jail then any other nation on earth. Vote out everyone this next election that want to keep this worthless war and every other war that we might get involved in that does not protect our borders. Vote out everyone that wants to keep funding other nations to the determent to America, our tax dollars need to stay at home; taxation without representation is what is happening; wake up before it’s to late America!


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