March 10, 2011

Logical Question For Liberals

Here's a question for liberals. If conservatives are greedy, then why is it that...

Conservatives are portrayed in large tracts of the mainstream media as greedy. They don't want to pay taxes, they are selfish and they don't like minimum wage laws because they want to take advantage of cheap labor.  As a liberal, you probably are inclined to believe that's true.

If you take that as a basic tenet then you need to be able to reconcile it with the fact that conservatives are against illegal immigration.  If conservatives were so eager to get cheap labor, wouldn't they want to encourage illegal immigration?  In fact, wouldn't they want to encourage so much illegal immigration that unions are busted and minimum wage laws are rolled back?

Perhaps you might argue that conservatives are also racist and that trumps economics.  Or perhaps it's that conservatives worry about welfare more than about cheap labor.  Let's address those arguments.

The fact that Tea Parties main focus has been economic should dispel the notion that racism trumps greed but if it doesn't do it for you can you explain where the illegal immigration protests have ever outpaced or out sized the health care reform protests and the budget protests.  Lest you forget, the Republicans have won with the likes of Marco Rubio, Allen West,  and Nikki Haley.  These are not exactly WASP candidates, but they are all for fiscal restraint.  They are conservative, and they won. Selling the idea that racism exceeds fiscal restraint lacks credible evidence.

The welfare issue is even easier to refute.  If everyone coming in was a welfare recipient instead of cheap labor, and conservatives were to encourage it, it would take very little time to break the welfare system.  So encouraging illegal immigration and supporting a path to citizenship as soon as possible, would rid evil conservatives of the welfare state as it would collapse on itself.


  1. It's really extortion in the first degree. The hard core liberal element here is basically Socialist and in turn expects things to be handed to them. Again, pure extortion!

  2. True, but it goes beyond that to a simpler liberal disconnect. If conservatives want cheaper labor, why aren't they in favor of illegal immigration? Conversely if we are against illegal immigration we certainly can't be all about money. Yet they claim we are both racist and greedy.

    Liberals can't answer that disconnect and they can't have it both ways. Either conservatives are not the greedy people that liberals claim we are, or else we are not racists and simply in favor of the rule of law when it comes to illegal immigration.

    Both are true actually, Typically we are neither racist nor greedy. But throw the logic puzzle at a liberal and watch the smoke come out of their ears for fun. You might even change a mind or two.


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