March 27, 2011

Germans panic, think they're on a fault line

Germany the green?  Apparently Germany is getting ready to divest itself of it's productive manufacturing sector in favor an Obama-esque green agenda. While this story isn't all of Germany, clearly Merkel felt the need to halt production at a number of nuclear reactors in the run up to the election as a result of events in Japan, where earthquakes are a little more common than along the Rhine.

BERLIN (AFP) – Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives lost power in their German heartland after nearly six decades, initial poll results showed Sunday, with the Greens likely to lead their first state government.

Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) have ruled Baden-Wuerttemberg since 1953, but anger over her nuclear policy in light of the Japan crisis as well as decisions on Libya and the euro drove away voters in the run-up to the poll.

The anti-nuclear Greens claimed about 24 percent of the vote -- about 12 point higher than five years ago -- and were likely to form a coalition with the Social Democrats, who garnered about 23 percent in the rich state.
Merkel, a conservative, will have to repair the results of the election quickly if German industry doesn't want to go the way of other European also-rans.  The real fault line is Germany's green notions sitting alongside a powerful industrial base, where there is apparently a national sense of  a zero-sum game.

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