March 16, 2011

National Debt Reduction: How can I help?

I've got a question for my readers. Since most of us are proponents of fiscal restraint for government, and most of us voted for what we believed were/are fiscally conservative candidates, isn't it about time we did more than just turn out to vote?

That's not the question by the way. When the GOP put up what basically amounted to an Internet suggestion box on ways to cut government spending, they received a number of ideas. One idea I'm not sure was posted or not is one I'd like to drill down on a little. So here's my question.

What government service or deliverable could be replaced not by the private sector but by volunteerism?

Since the numbers are on the side of conservatives over liberals when it comes to charitable contributions, I think you can guess where this is going. But if you can't, let me spell it out for you.

If there is sufficient opportunity to reduce government spending in some area(s) by billions of dollars, wouldn't it make sense to do so proactively and remove the need for a government agency? In other words, if you starve the beast of work, there's no need for it to exist.

So if we think outside of the fiscally conservative pro-business box (and I don't think that charity is incongruous with fiscal conservatism) then perhaps we can do more than just vote for candidates and hope we weren't misled. If we can obliterate the need for a department we really would be contributing to the national debt solution.

Think outside the box. What agency can we kill through bypassing their 'kindness' and replace it with direct kindness of our own? I know, it's a recession. I know many of us are hurting for money and for time, and many of us volunteer time or contribute money already but think of it as a test of character. You can prove your patriotism and help someone else at the same time.

As an added bonus, imagine wiping the smug self- satisfied grin off of some liberal's face when they see a sudden surge of millions of Tea Party patriots volunteering to help others somehow. That would be sweet.

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  1. No, nothing? Just crickets? Don't make us look bad guys. Or is it just me looking un-followed?


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