March 23, 2011

War By Committee

President Obama voted present so often, abdicated health care reform to Pelosi and Reid, and has always tried to come down on the side of everyone on any issue.  He even campaigned as all things to all people.  In that light it's not surprising that he wants to contain Qaddafi by committee.

From the White House web site, here's President Obama's response to a question on Libya (emphasis added):
Now, I have absolutely no doubt that we will be able to transfer control of this operation to an international coalition. I had discussions with Prime Minister Cameron and President Sarkozy today. In fact, NATO is meeting today as we speak to work out some of the mechanisms for command and control. I would expect that over the next several days you will have clarity and a meeting of the minds of all those who are participating in the process.

We're already seeing a significant reduction in the number of U.S. planes that are involved in operations over Libya, because, as I said initially, our job was to take our unique capabilities and create a space to shape the environment so that the operation of a no-fly zone could operate effectively, and to make sure that our immediate humanitarian goals could be met.
Is that any way to run a war? By committee?  And to say we should expect clarity in a few days indicates that the issue is not settled, and he does not have clarity himself.  While I applaud France and Britain for stepping up to fill the void left by President Obama, it's not clear they have the capacity to sustain it if necessary, nor possibly the will to take on the primary role.  It seems the President is jumping the gun on the statement because clearly, the issue is not resolved among the NATO partners.  Each nation is entitled to its own position and opinion with regard to Libya.  But trying to run a war by committee is a recipe for disaster.  


  1. This war is already a disaster and it's only a few days into it.

    St. Peace Prize Obambya is really showing his inexperience with this dopey move.

    But at least he got to go on vacation. [sarc/]

  2. Love the sarcasm KS! [/seriously]

    There is a tricky tightrope walk though, because he does have some room to back out - 90 days in fact, without violating the congressional power to declare war. He could call this a humanitarian mission and back out in a few weeks regardless of what NATO partners decide to do.

    The move would be disasterous for him politically because it would prove his incompetnence and highlight that he bit off more than he could chew and acted rashly without a plan.

    How many 3 a.m. calls has he blown now? I've lost track. I'm not a fan of Hillary Clinton by any stretch, but did she ever call that one right.


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