March 16, 2011

Hillary NOT running?

According to Hillary, she isn't going to serve a second term or be running for President again.

BUT...given Bill's week last week, I think the not running for President again, while welcome, is disingenuous. Or maybe it's just Bill that wants her to run. Either way, count me as unconvinced.


  1. Right, Hillary's not running and the Pope is Italian (some people really don't get this joke)! Wrong on both counts!

  2. It's an Obama win strategy - create a straw-man opponent to siphon off voters from the GOP.

    Or Hillary really thinks she can unseat O. That's plausible since he seems so easy-to-beat. Then again, a lot of people thought Bill Clinton would be easy to beat too.

  3. Joe - the real question about the Pope is when the next Italian Pope will happen. I think it's a few Popes down the road.

  4. LOL! I have a tendency to use that line when I'm saying NOT! I think you're right on the straw man thing. However, knowing bill and Hillary, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if she ran. As much as I hate the thought of it on one hand, my gut feeling is the electorate as far as the left and for that instance most of the right would figure she at least has balls 10 times bigger than Obama and would actually at least attempt to lead.


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