March 9, 2011

President Obama, War Criminal

That's right, I said it.  Perhaps you missed it because you don't read certain leftward-tilting websites. The left is absolutely up in arms over President Obama's recent decision on detention and military trials for terrorist prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Daily Kos and MoveOn.Org were all over this story, and by all over it I mean nowhere in sight. But by the standards to which they held President Bush, President Obama is an even bigger war criminal than his predecessor, especially in light of some under-reported details of President Obama's recent directives.

The left was absolutely insistent that President Bush was a war criminal for (i) detaining prisoners there (ii) holding military tribunals and (iii) allowing unspeakable inhumane treatment to go on there. The third point, basically unfounded and unproven, was enough to surmise based on the fact that detentions at Guantanamo even existed. So it was with much fanfare that President Obama on Day Three of his Presidency issued an executive order to close the detention facility down within one year.

Fast forward to last week. President Obama's order, that requires no Congressional approval, countermands his previous one from 2009, almost exactly two years earlier. But what isn't widely reported is that his order goes even further than President Bush did. The main points of the order are that the detention facility, supposedly to have been closed a year ago, will remain open. Secondly, military trials will resume. That puts President Obama squarely in President Bush territory. But here's the war criminal kicker for the left: the order adds on another consideration that did not exist under President Bush. President Obama has added a new category of confinement: "indefinite detention".

For some detainees, there is not sufficient evidence to proceed to a trial, military or civilian. But because they are deemed high national security risks, they can be detained forever, without a trial. In fact, even if they were tried and acquitted, they could still be held forever.

While that might make sense to most everyone with a sense of sanity, clearly to the far left like Kos and MoveOn, this should be the end of the Obama franchise. But so far it isn't and don't expect it to be, either. Once again the left proves that a bald-faced double standard is perfectly acceptable to them because what counts for them, is the overall agenda. Minor inconveniences like hypocrisy are nothing more than a nuisance to them.


  1. Wow! Not much I can add to this one For me, that might be a first! LOL!

    Great post Dean. However, I wouldn't expect the crybaby libbies to agree with your assessment.


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