September 24, 2009

What's Wrong With Liberals? (the short version)

Are you liberal?  Did you go to the right school and study journalism/law/liberal arts/political science/philosophy/English literature/art/music/urban planning?  Was it an elite school? 

Do you hate NASCAR/BBQs/rubes/hicks/rural folk/Christians/everyone who isn't as enlightened as you? Do you KNOW that you are smarter than them?  Shouldn't they just get out of the way instead of being angry/racist/homophobic/religious kook/anti-progress/moronic/fools?

If so, don't read the rest of this.  You are cured already.  It's those Neanderthals I need to smarten up.


Are they gone?  Good. 

What's wrong with liberals?  That self-affirming crowd who accuse you of being closed-minded and unintelligent don't really have it all figured out.  After all, if lawyers run the government you get regulation. Lots of it. If those educated on morality by a narrow-minded smarter-than-thou intelligencia dictate morality, you can be sure that your morality would cut the mustard with them.  In other words, your interests are going to be sublimated cast aside in favor theirs (Sorry, didn't mean to use a big liberal word there).  They are more enlightened.  They know better.  At least they think they do.

It's the same crowd who vale eloquence (Obama) over common sense (Palin/Jindal/Pawlenty/etc.).  They value partisanship over principles (Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, Murtha).

Where you are angry/bitter/partisan they were principled/civic minded/right.

So let's talk about them.  Seriously, what's wrong with them?

Actually, they aren't flawed.  They are a product of a world view thrust upon them by a snowballing effort of leftist Alinskyites.  Guess what - the radicals efforts have been working.  Too many people have a skewed view of the greatness of America.  They are rotting the country from the inside.  The good news is that by Obama winning last year and taking the fast track to socialism, it has awakened many of the people who would otherwise be lulled into the slow death of the slow march to socialism.

The question is how do you interact with a liberal doctrinaire? It would be great if you could wave a magic wand and undo the damage - reverse the curse.  That's not possible.  But what is possible is a reverse-Alinsky.  In other words the slow, eating away at the margins of liberal belief is the best way to reverse a slow tide of global warming hysteria/social decay/socialism/etc.

It has to be done in stages, and it has to be done by talking.  Calmly.  Just like the Tea Parties were an outpouring of anger in a measured and civil way (hmmm, any liberals still reading may have just keeled over).  In other words, we need more 9/12s.  We need more conservative voices, measured in their displeasure (not angry), but with force in their discourse.  Ooops - that might be a little to Jesse Jackson.  But hey, unlike Obama - the guy could speak.  Liberal, radical and wrong.  But more engaging than the President in his oration.

Liberals indoctrinated can be de-programmed.  Yes it's frustrating and angering.  But it's a battle of inches to make the miles.  The proof is Obama himself - he tried to throw a long bomb touchdown pass and look how well that's going for him...

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