September 26, 2009

Saturday Learning Series - In the Light of the Above

Episode 2 of The Day the Universe Changed below, is entitled "In the Light of the Above". This episode focuses on the Rule of Law and asks some interesting questions about it.

He makes a startling link between the fact that laws that govern our behavior and that these rules are pretty well followed by most, are the very thing that allows us as a civilization to continue to be a forward looking society (with respect to Western Civilization).

For more from this series or others, search Nonsensible Shoes for the term "Saturday Learning Series".

From the JamesBurkeWeb poster of the video series;

...This is explained as follows: if we can rely on the public to obey the rules blindly, then we can re-order it in such a way as to allow for "innovators" to be protected from would-be imitators by introducing rules that disallow imitation (time limited). So if someone invents something, they can be sure they will reap the initial benefits of it's production and sale. Else there would be no apparent reason to invent anything because there would be nothing to gain.
Part 1:

Part 2:

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Part 5:

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