September 2, 2009

The GOP is getting some things right

The GOP is getting some things right on health care, this succinct video is tough to dispute.

And on Obama versus Obama on the stimulus;

But being the party of NO, is only part of the solution. The GOP needs to come up with it's own alternative plans. The good news is, it has. Here's an example;

The Bad News?

Nice videos. Too bad only 200,000 views or so for those 3 videos combined.

The bad news is that while putting these videos on youtube, the GOP is merely trying to expand their listening audience. The problem is that in reaching out to the American audience they are nowhere near aggressive or proactive enough. There needs to be a big push from the GOP that matches the Tea Parties and Town halls of the grassroots conservatives in middle America. "Good videos - shame about the web hits" won't cut it. Where's the GOP town halls and community speaking engagements? Where's the church functions? Where's the community outreach on these points?

News flash: If you don't reach out to untapped constituencies they'll never learn your position and they will continue to vote while uninformed or misinformed. The Obama administration and the mainstream media are counting on that.

Michael Steele, the GOP chair, needs to get the GOP in uninterested voters' faces, in a kinder, gentler way than say the Obama SEIU thugs would approach it. There's still time, but so far it seems to be lacking as part of the overall plan.

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