September 3, 2009

Predicting Obama's September 9th Address

Two stories out today on the newest DemObama tactics on advancing the single payer health care agenda. One from Wizbang (great site) discussing how Obama will address a joint session of Congress on September 9th to 'take charge of the health care debate'. They're working on exactly what he's going to say apparently, but they are working on it. According to CNN's Ed Henry though, turncoat Republican Olympia Snowe is working with the White house on a trigger option. An option which puts some tough standards on insurance companies to meet within a few years, or else the government payer option would kick in. This story is echoed by a story in Hot Air by Allahpundit.

Of course the true motivation for Obama will be to just bring in single payer health care a little less quickly under the guise of being centrist. The motivation for Snowe is and has always been, appearing as a centrist. That's not much to hang your hat on at the end of the day, but I guess it's enough for her.

The whole episode could be a trial balloon. Earlier today, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air was reporting that Obama was going to face his left wing base over the issue. Sadly, it is very likely untrue. Based on every other piece of evidence from Obama during the campaign slipping out hints, or as President, he is a far left President. He will govern from there. His triangulation with Snowe is aimed at corralling the Blue Dog Democrats.

The likelihood of Snowe being in on the fix is high. She did it on the stimulus bill (ARRA/error - sounds the same to me). and she'd do it again. And the likelihood of Obama giving up on single payer is very low.

But given the vociferous backlash, just re-postulating the same beaten proposal will not work. Something has to change. Part of Obama's approach all along has been to allow the Congress slug out the details so that he can sweep in and claim ownership of a bi-partisan solution. That's where Snowe comes in as the useless idiot in the scenario. She's a Republican after all. Never mind that one Republican is not really bi-partisan. The point is to force the hand of the Blue Dogs. If a Republican is on board, the theory must go, all Democrats have to fall in line. Then it doesn't matter if Snowe melts (though she won't).

That's how it's expected to play out. And electorally there's no way to stop it. But there's always the 9/12 march on Washington. There has to be strong, vocal and visible opposition or this health care trillion dollar boondoggle is going to pass despite all the fervent opposition and to it. The Town halls were window dressing. The real test is yet to come. Do something.

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