September 12, 2009

Saturday Learning Series: Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler

A bonus post today.

Those who do not learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat its mistakes. Today's Saturday Learning Series looks at the BBC's documentary "Fatal Attraction of Adolph Hitler". The focus of the piece wanders somewhat but there is an important vein regarding how Hitler became so powerful politically and so adored.

The documentary, from 1989, mixes historical chronology with interviews. It's chilling how messianic Hitler was regarded by Germans. Some of the comments from those Germans who were there, in the context of today are eerily familiar. You'd think given the evil that came out of his leadership, given the deceptions he pulled on the people of Germany, that the lesson of the cult of personality would be learned. There would be no repeat of Hitler. Of course there have been equally evil men. The difference, is that none have had Hitler's powerful charisma AND his nation's relative power at the time. The Soviet leaders had military power, and they had fear. But they did not have the hero worship that propelled Hitler. Heaven forbid, this should ever happen in America.

Part 1: "This is a cautionary tale for every country and every generation..."

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