September 10, 2009

Democrats call Republicans liars too.

President Bush was subjected to much more than Obama. Anyone claiming righteous indignation is either ignorant of the following, or hypocritical or forgetful. Take your pick. But Democrats heckle too.

Ted Kennedy:

Bush and Cheney "have begun a new campaign of distortion and manipulation," Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) told reporters.

Nancy Pelosi called the CIA liars.

John Murtha was convinced Bush lied.

Obama himself called Sarah Palin a liar - in the same speech that he was heckled and accused of being a liar.

Not to mention the fact that Bush was heckled and boo'd during a State of the Union address in 2005.

Spare me your moral indignation if you claim to have any.


  1. Quite a lot of the "indignities" perpetrated by the right have (a typically more severe) precedent with the left:

  2. Another example I forgot to mention.



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