September 24, 2009

This (Inept Obama) Beat Goes On

One of the earliest tests of the Obama Presidency was his list of choices for assignment to various cabinet posts. He failed. From Geithner's tax problems which managed to sail through approval to Richardson to Daschle and others who did not, there were glaring holes in his team's vetting processes.  The argument about lack of experience was on display for all to see.  Most people didn't care - it was the honeymoon period and many people in the nation and especially the media were still aglow with Obama fever.

You could argue that they were new, and they could overcome their initial inexperience given time.  Of course that would assume you were not one of those who assailed the Palin VP nomination based on inexperience.  Nevertheless, the point is moot, because 9 months into the Presidency, Team Obama is still making the same vetting mistakes.  It has gone from being attributable to inexperience to reasonably being attributable to incompetence.

Many of the vetting problems we are seeing now, are the appointed czars, who are not subjected to the normal Congressional vetting process.  Free from the shackles of having to answer to another body, the President has appointed some unsavory characters.  In succession, some have recently come to light.  From disgraced 9/11 conspiracy ascriber and green czar Van Jones, to the more recent pedophelia hiding of Safe Schools czar Kevin Jennings (talk about a fox guarding the hen house) to diversity czar Mark Lloyd who in the Obama-versus-executives school of business has asked white media executives to step down, and as an added bonus is apparently impressed by Venezuelan thug Hugo Chavez.

Here's the lesson learned on this: The President and his team have NOT learned their lesson on vetting.  246 days later and the same mistakes are being exposed.  Earlier on it was by Congressional 'oversight'.  The lesson they learned was to appoint czars so the Congress had no say.  Wrong lesson. Did Team Obama not realize that peoples' developing mistrust would require that he appoint people that didn't have such glaring questionables in their past or present?  Apparently not.  But you can no longer call these things rookie mistakes.

Either the team is inept or driven by ideology rather than a sense of doing what's right.  Either answer is bad for America.

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