September 25, 2009

Lawyers Lawyers Lawyers - In Power

Lawyers, lawyers everywhere and in power in government.  How many lawyers?

Republican attorneys in Congress and the Senate?

16 Senators (40% of the Republican Senators)
47 Representatives (26.5% of Republican Congressmen). 

63 Republican attorneys or 29% of Republican representatives.

Democrat attorneys in Congress and the Senate?

24 Senators (40% of Democrat Senators)
93 Representatives (36.3% of Democrat Congressman)

120 Democrat attorneys or 37.5% of Democrat representatives

Overall that's 183 out of 535 representatives (34.2%).

The overall percentage of the US population that are lawyers? In 2007 according to the American Bar Association there were 1.1 million lawyers.  That's about 0.4% of the population. 

Representative-wise the lawyers are over-represented in Congress and the Senate.  Throw the bums out?  There's a reason the Constitution was not 1100 pages.  I'm just saying.

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