September 24, 2009

Canadian PM Harper meets Israeli PM day after boycott of Iran speech.

Props to my Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Harper meets Israeli PM day after boycott of Iran speech.

Obama - watch a real leader in action.


  1. This was a good step. I must admit it, in spite of the fact I am not exactly a fan of Harper. Oh, and may I ask what makes you think Harper is a real leader and Obama is not?


  2. Elli;

    Harper knows who his allies are and treats them as such. Obama is an apologist and weak. He is supposed to be the 'leader of the free world' but his in action on the Iranian elections was either outright cowardice or at least indecisiveness. Either way, that is not leadership.

    There is nothing wrong with negotiating, but to weaken your own hand by apologizing is not negotiating - it's appeasement. It's Neville Chamberlain redux. That's not leadership either. Leadership is negotiating from strength, not weakness. Leadership is loyalty to those who are your allies. Leadership is standing on principles, not creating inaccurate moral equivalencies.


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