September 20, 2009

Being anti-New York Times is clearly racist

I'm reading an article in the New York Times right now. It's hard to get through two sentences without finding liberal opinion or self-delusion masquerading as fact.

It doesn't even deserve a link to the article. Even my modest readership that might bump the page's hits by a few or even one, would be too much. In fact it's not even worth the effort to dissect and correct the article line by line. But it does merit a mention.

The main problem that I have with it is that while the titular point of the article is that not all anti-Obama sentiment is racist, it goes out of its way to ascribe it to just that root.

Liberals persist in this belief that any view not theirs is not just flawed, not just inferior but coming from some evil place. Luckily, readership for the NYT is faltering - badly. If that were not the case, the paper might not have a lesson available to them that journalism does not mean the same thing as advocacy.

They haven't learned so far, and they continue to try to figure out a new business model suited to electronic media as the cure-all to their suffering. I can save them the trouble. Readership means business, and readership of a newspaper requires continued trust. Earn trust by being factual and you get readership. Then different methods of content delivery can be addressed. Advocacy - open or undeclared and subtle does not achieve trust.

Is every lost reader due to the paper's support of Obama? And if so, by extension, is that not racist too?

Come on NYT, how far are you going to carry this foolish ploy? You are only hurting yourself. Like me, more and more people are starting to realize that reading the New York Times is like drinking spoiled milk.

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