September 26, 2009

Proven, Unproven and Disproven

It's too big for a Dictator Watch.  It's a banner headline.  If you look on Drudge Report right now, it looks like a Mexican   standoff between Obama and Ahmedinejad of Iran.  A nuclear standoff. As a side story, it appears, as I've mentioned before Chavez is trying to get Venezuela in on the act.

Meanwhile Brazil's Vice President is urging his country to pursue a nuclear weapons program.

You know what seems like a great idea right now? Fast tracking a missile defense shield for America and it's allies. Oh.  WaitWhat?

That last link is a real hoot.  The President during the campaign vowed to cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.  This from the same guy who wants to invest billions in unproven green technology / new health care systems and disproven cap and trade taxes.

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