September 30, 2009

Podcast Talking Health Care

Recently, actually a few weeks ago, I spoke with Laidoff Podcast and 2 Dumb Kids about the pitfalls of the health care in Canada.  While we covered a lot of ground, we certainly didn't do it justice.  There's a lot more to cover. Hopefully they will have me back for more at some point.

You can listen to the podcast (Episode #23) here, or here.

Oddly enough, the President, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others would have you discuss health care specifics as little as possible.  That's the real problem. The details of Canadian health care or British health care have been glossed over with the "lipstick on a pig" approach and you aren't supposed to spend any time looking at them for what it really are.  They aren't exactly as pretty as some would lead you to believe.  Worse still, the various incarnations of the health care bill are literally voluminous and require even more diligent inspection.  But again, they don't want that level of inspection to occur.  That would only lead to irritants like concerns and questions.  We can't have THAT in America.  At least not in Obama's America.

The irony that strikes me more and more is the party of Democrats seems very undemocratic.  Those who call themselves progressives continually adopt positions that run counter to progress and are bordering on being Luddite in nature (think the entire Green movement, attempting to move America back to horse-drawn carriages and windmills).  The naming of these groups is in polar opposition to their true natures.

The point is that discussion, inspection, questioning, and debate need to occur. Vigorously.  Judging by the approach of the unDemocrats in Congress, those things need to happen in a big hurry.

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