September 13, 2009

9-12 WOW!

Even MSNBC got into the reporting and were reasonable in their coverage. It must have been Olbermann's day off.

Estimates range from the "10's of thousands" to hundreds of thousands to 2 million. The actual number is hard to say but hundreds of thousands at least is fair to say.

This cannot be the end point of the effort. As Mark Steyn points out in National Review,

My sense from Wednesday’s speech is that the president’s gonna shove this through in some form or other. It may cause a little temporary pain in Blue Dog districts in 2010, but the long-term gains will be transformative and irreversible.

That's a devastatingly bad vision for America. And that's why it cannot be allowed to pass. I disagree fundamentally with words like irreversible or impossible on principle. But transformative, for sure. Damaging indeed. Preventable? Not likely in Congress. Possibly in the streets.

One thing I hope is not lost on Republicans - you have to stand up for this movement. You have to be conservative in deed not just in word. This is your last chance for a long, long time to prove yourself to be conservative, to be the inheritors of the Constitution. Olympia Snowes will not suffice. The only thing that will restore the confidence of the American people is your adherence to the ideals of Reagan, of Goldwater and of the Contract With America. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.

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