October 10, 2018

Liberals abandoning Manchin maybe?

political winds follower.
West Virginia would be better served with a Republican senator.  If liberal voters do not turn out to support Manchin this November, that's a good thing.  The Tea Party has shot itself in the foot a few times, despite earnest intentions.  It seems the radical left have not learned from the mistakes of grassroots conservatives. In lieu of Manchin's Kavanaugh vote, the tide seems to be slowly turning.
...Manchin’s vote should call old party strategies into question. If the Democratic Party can’t count on its own senators for votes as morally pivotal as the Kavanaugh confirmation, its big tent might just be too big. Its tolerance for conservative members might not be as pragmatic as it appears, either. Since Trump took office in 2016, a number of Democrats to Manchin’s left have performed surprisingly well in so-called red states, winning some unexpected primary elections and polling well against Republican candidates.

...Manchin himself faced a primary challenge from the left. He won, decisively, but Paula Jean Swearengin’s final showing against the senator bears re-examination. For Swearengin, an environmental activist with no name recognition and no campaign budget to speak of, to earn 30 percent of the vote against Manchin, who has served as senator since 2010 and was governor before that, indicates that progressive opposition to the senator is hardly nonexistent. After all, this is the same state where Bernie Sanders handily trounced the more centrist Hillary Clinton in 2016’s Democratic primary.

Democrats are clearly stuck with Manchin for now. The senator’s reelection seems like a sure bet, and the same can’t be said for every progressive candidate running in 2018. The real question, though, isn’t whether the party should shun him today, but whether it should continue to settle for conservatives with uncertain loyalties — and the party arguably can’t answer that until it figures out what it wants to be. All its efforts to brand itself a party of the people, from the Better Deal platform to its emerging tolerance for left-wing policies like Medicare for All, look like pandering as long as it allows conservatives like Manchin into the fold.

The necessity of right-leaning, red-state Democrats might not be good strategy, but rather a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Tepid support at best, and only for now.  Senator Manchin, you're soon going to be no longer welcome in the Democratic party's continued march to the far left.  Jump ship.

As for you liberal voters - what she said, she's a New York liberal who clearly knows your state better than you. So stay home this fall and do her bidding.  That's the smart play

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