October 24, 2018

Are Democrats behind their own bomb scares?

After mobs of Democrat-inspired progressives repeatedly and uncivilly going after Republicans and Trump supporters, today there is news of domestic terrorists going after Democrat leaders and CNN.  Every single one of them have been stopped.

Color me suspicious.  The Democrats, the liberals, all  eager to make conservatives look worse than themselves could be behind this.  Why would any conservative go after Hillary Clinton (a two time loser) or president Obama ( a has-been) or CNN (a dying media entity)?  We are winning, so there is no need to do this.

True, this could be a nut job.  But if it is, it's nothing more than that.  And for leaders and news outlets calling for uncivil action, unfortunately, you reap what you sew.  This is only going to get worse across the board until everyone with a microphone stands down on the hyperbolic rhetoric.  Unfortunately no one realistically can see that happening. 

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