October 22, 2018

Midterms Matter: In Illinois 12th congressional district, please support Mike Bost

In Illinois' 12th congressional district, Republican incumbent Mike Bost seems to be holding on to a very narrow edge over his stealth progressive opponent.  Democrats seem to have taken on the approach of putting up candidates that seem like centrists but who will reliably vote in radical ways ones elected to congress.

Mike Bost however, is up front about his positions.  Common sense, fiscal responsibility for government, affordable healthcare, energy independence, and protection of both seniors and the nation as a whole.

That's a clear cut choice.  In an election this important and this close every vote matters.  Getting Mike's message out across the district really matters.

Congressman needs your support to enable him to continue to represent the district in a forthright and positive manner.  Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

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