October 25, 2018

Do your part, help build a red wall

Less than 2 weeks to the 2018 midterm elections.  After a relatively slow year of blogging through September,  I have been in high gear this month.  The reason for that is that I believe this is a crucial midterm, even more important than 2010, or 2014.  More important than 1994.  Each of those midterm elections were important, but they pale in comparison to what has been exposed now: America first works, globalism is a road to ruin.

I've already said this month that now is the time.  This is the opportunity for America to continue to step away from the brink of progressivism and socialism and to be frank, national failure.  I'm hoping that those who turned out to vote for president Trump feel as energized as those who oppose him and the successes he has achieved for the country since his election.

As an outsider (I'm Canadian, but was thinking of starting my own caravan to the greatest nation on earth), I feel like my only ability to make a difference in the cause of liberty, is to focus on the one country that really matters - America.  If I can help influence even one congressional or senatorial election by highlighting the differences in the Republican and Democratic candidates in individual races, then that's what I must do.  It's the least I can do, even as it is the most I can do.  I don't get to vote in American elections (since it seems non-citizens are only allowed to vote illegally if they vote for Democrats).  

But you DO.  

It is incumbent upon you, it is your duty as an American who enjoys liberty, safety, opportunity and wealth like no other national on earth to protect those things.  Liberty in particular is a flame that can easily be extinguished by as little as complacency.  One party stands for individualism.  Liberty means individualism.  The other party stands for collectivism.  That's a recipe for subordinating the individual to the identifiable groups with which they can be associated.  That is anathema to liberty.  If you can not be you, you are not truly free.

Unlike totalitarianism, which requires acquiescence, liberty requires effort.  America has made your effort as simple as standing in line to vote.  It does not require your blood, or your treasure.  The cost therefore is minimal. The risk that results from doing nothing is a turn back to malaise, weakness and misfortune that might be inescapable afterwards. The reward for making the effort is the chance for America to be truly great again.  Making America great (or keeping it great) is a work in progress - always.  Do your part. Vote. At a minimum.  If you are able to do more, do so - volunteer, donate, talk to others whom you might convince.

It's your duty as an American.  I'm not saying that to be trite. I'm saying it because there are millions of people around the world, myself included, who know what is at stake and would change places with an unconcerned American in a heartbeat. If we can see that, I assume you can too and are already ready to act on November 6th.  But if you are not there yet, please take my word for it; a Blue Wave is a wave of darkness. Do your part to make sure there is no blue wave, no blue trickle, no blue anything.

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