October 30, 2018

Midterms Matter: In NY's 3rd District, please support Dan DeBono

New York's 3rd district definitely has a Democratic lean, but not so insurmountable that a strong turnout for Republican challenger Dan DeBono could not pull off a surprise win in the district.

Dan is all about service to the country, the state and the district.
Dan is an independent-thinking Republican with a unique combination of a history of service to our country, and deep fluency in economic matters forged over 20 years at the nation's top military unit and top private financial institutions.

No other candidate will fight as hard as Dan will on behalf of the people of New York's 3rd Congressional District.

No other candidate has the breadth and depth of experience in connecting the dots between regular people and jobs, wages, purchasing power, inflation, the economy, competition and the actions of our federal government.
His opponent on the other hand, seems to have a history of hush money related to a sex abuse scandal.  That does not seem like much of a choice service vs. self-serving.

Please support Dan DeBono, volunteer, donate, get a lawn sign, and check out his inspiring website.  And by all means vote.

Thank you.

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