October 30, 2018

Midterms Matter: In Pennsylvania 14th District, please support Guy Reschenthaler

Guy Reschenthaler is looking to unseat incumbent Democrat Bibiana Boerio in Pennsylvania's 14th congressional district.  The district is listed as likely Republican - Mitt Romney won it by over 17 points in 2014 and president Trump won it by 29 points in 2016.  But that does not mean this is any time to be complacent.  Democrats are being flushed with cash by the likes of former New York mayor Bloomberg and are going to push hard in this last week.  For conservatives, independents and Republican voters, no votes means no wins.

There have been no polls either so you have to treat this race as if it were a toss up.  Guy Reschenthaler  needs your support to win this race. lease support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website. And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

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