October 25, 2018

The logical extension of admit-anyone immigration policy.

Eliminate ICE. Have completely open borders. And by the way, anyone who comes in to the United States can vote.  These are actual progressive Democrat positions.  Let's pair that with the Democrat efforts to open voting to voters on days other than election day.  Let's pair it with the out-of-state voters efforts and the mail-in-ballots. So anyone regardless of documentation can vote, from anywhere, and increasingly, any time.

And then let's pair all of that with society increasingly existing in an information age. The technology exists to allow people to vote electronically from any location, at any time.  Let's assume to be magnanimous that there are no issues to privacy and fraudulent voting - or assume that they can be resolved eventually. If there are no borders, that means there are no nationalities.  And if that's the case, why limit voting in American elections to just constituents?  Why limit it to Americans? Why not open it to the entire world?  Isn't that the logical extension of the liberal immigration policy?  Someone in Jakarta voting for a senator in Texas or for the next president is a frightening prospect.

The world is full of socialists, Islamists and radicals.  Do Americans really want them all voting in America's elections?  Imagine what sort of radical, globalist, anti-liberty government would result.  Maybe that's actually the end goal of these Democrat ideas.

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