October 27, 2018

Midterms Matter: In Arizona 2nd District - please support Lea Marquez Peterson

The race for Arizona's 2nd congressional district is one in which the polling definitely seem skewed.  Hillary Clinton won this district but so too did Mitt Romney.  The district is consider a Leans Republican district but the only poll conducted so far, in late September by the NYT, showed the Democrat with an 11 point lead. FiveThirtyEight shows the Democrat having a 96% chance of winning.

But is that really true?  I'm not convinced any polling done by NYT/Sienna is valid, and FiveThirtyEight had Hillary Clinton's chance of winning in 2016 at 71% chance of winning, but only at the very end.  And there is a heavy reliance on the one suspect poll in this race.  The odds at 96% are frankly ridiculous given what we know about the candidates in this race.

The Democrat, Ann Kirkpatrick seemingly fended of her more radical primary opponent after an infusion of cash from the Democratic establishment.  Will Arizona's 2nd district progressives turn out for a party insider? Enthusiasm has to be down among the far left in this race.

But Kirkpatrick herself is not counting on progressives, she's trying to pull a Heitkamp and lure unsuspecting independent and Republican voters into her orbit.
Kirkpatrick said she has “always voted like a Democrat” and that she’s “always” had challenges from the left “in every campaign.”

“It’s a swing district, and I have to remind people of that,” Kirkpatrick said, standing in the hallway of her campaign office as two dozen volunteers phone-banked on her behalf. “You can’t win this district with just Democratic votes.”
The contrast in those two paragraphs is truly stark - always voted like a Democrat vs. can't win with just Democratic votes.  That's as underhanded as it gets. 

It doesn't start and end there - even her primary opponent tried to legally challenge her openness of her actual residency.  Even though she can legally run, she's a carpetbagger. And when it comes to being attacked, she reverts to playing the victim, trying to tie her opponents remarks to, of all things, sexism.  That's just plain manipulative.

She's also been non-responsive to constituents, having been implicated in the VA scandal.

Imagine how she will be if she gets into congress.  There's a stark contrast in what her opponent is offering.  She has an impressive resume of qualifications to serve the District. President & CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Co-chair the Arizona Zanjeros, a business leadership group formed to promote economic development in the state. She chairs the board of St Mary’s Hospital and the Pima Association of Governments Economic Vitality Committee. Lea has received dozens of awards and recognitions throughout her career. This is to name but a few of her many accomplishments. In addition, Lea has resided in the 2nd Congressional District for over 40 years.

Lea Marquez Peterson needs your support to counter the establishment left agenda and to provide meaningful and purposeful representation in the district.  Please support her efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out her positions on her website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

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