October 22, 2018

Midterms Matter: In New Mexico 2nd District, please support Yvette Herrell

In congressional races there are usually not a lot of polls to go by.  In New Mexico's 2nd district there are two September polls.  The earliest put Republican Yvette Herrell ahead of her Democratic rival by 7 points.  The following week a different poll put her one point behind.  That's a dangerously close situation, and now is the time to help save your country.

Yvette Herrell stands by her beliefs, and will do so in congress:
Yvette has committed herself to the people of New Mexico and made the decision to run for Congress because of her passion for serving, her belief in the great state of New Mexico, and her desire to ensure New Mexico has a voice in Washington, D.C. that accurately represents the people and culture of the 2nd Congressional District. Since she has entered public life, Yvette has been a consistent champion of initiatives that limit the size and scope of government, enhance free markets, and define federalism. In Congress, Yvette intends to continue pursuing these same values on behalf of the 2nd Congressional District.

Her opponent is a far left liberal who doesn't share the values of New Mexicans in the 2nd district:

Yvette Herrell needs your support to counter the Pelosi support.  Please support her efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out her positions on her website. And by all means - vote. 

Thank you.

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