October 31, 2018

Midterms Matter: In Pennsylvania 8th, please support John Chrin

A district pollsters are calling likely Democratic is Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district, despite the fact that the district went from +12 for Obama to +10 for Trump (a 22 point swing).  Yes the incumbent Democrat has a lead in the NYT/Siena poll from mid-October, but those polls seem suspect as I've mentioned before.

The incumbent Democrat, Matt Cartwright, has tax issues, he's ineffective in congress and just plain wrong for the district and the state.

John Chrin  is different. 
John Chrin is a passionate believer in the economic power of education. He will strive to create affordable educational and training opportunities for students and adults in Northeast Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley. Winning the competition for good jobs isn’t just about degrees, it’s about learning skills and gaining knowledge that help people succeed in the real world.

New job creation and stronger local economies are among his top priorities. He believes that Members of Congress can and must play an active role in bringing economic development to their districts. In order to provide the right training programs and educational opportunities, there has to be an understanding of the needs of existing businesses and the skills which will attract new companies and industries to the region.

John’s first-hand experience with the best and worst of America’s businesses and of the global financial system will be a driver of his stance on policies. He is a unique advocate for reforms, especially those related to the financial system, in that he understands what the real world impact will be; whether laws will work as intended or make problems worse or potentially create new ones.
John Chrin has a good chance at winning and he deserves your support.  Please support him; volunteer, donate, get a lawn sign if it's not too late, and do check out his website.  And by all means vote.

Thank you.

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