October 10, 2018

Quote of the Week

Rich Lowry writes in the New York Post, on the Left's blaming the Constitution for SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh:
It’s certainly true that the Senate is not fully democratic and gives an outsized role to small states, since this was the price they exacted for signing on to the Constitution. This arrangement isn’t a conspiracy against the left.
The Constitution is doing what it was designed to do, prevent majority tyranny. The structure of the senate is one of the checks built into the Constitution to prevent.  It's not minority tyranny, it's minority protection, plain and simple. Not only was it a compromise designed to sew the country together, it was brilliant and needed idea to prevent mob rule.

Lowry continues:
The design of the Senate recognizes the status of the states as real governing entities with their own prerogatives under the Constitution. Like the equally hated Electoral College, the Senate ensures that flyover country isn’t ignored. It reflects the dizzying geographic diversity of a continental nation and promotes national cohesion by giving every corner of it a voice.

The Senate is also meant to be a check on the unbridled public will. Its members are elected in staggered six-year terms and, originally, they were selected by state legislatures, not in a direct vote.

The House is the more democratic body. California has 53 representatives; Wyoming has one. Yet, Democrats don’t control the House, either.
These are things leftists are willing to overlook in their greed for power. Lowry sets them straight on why they are wrong again.

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