December 12, 2008

Top 10 Liberal Idiots

Just for fun.

(10) Chris Matthews. 3 words - Run Fatboy Run. What??? It was a funny movie.

(9) Keith Olbermann. My disgust with his uninformed opinion is, 'assiduous'.

(8) The New York Times. Yes, increasingly irrelevant, but still shills.

(7) Hugo Chavez. The implosion will not be televised. (Hey, check out my monkey.)

(6) Michael Moore. Some white man can't jump, some can't think, some can't do either.

(5) Karl Marx. A watershed moment in historical mistakes.

(4) Nancy Pelosi. See Karl Marx. Of course I'm referring to her parents' decision to procreate.

(3) Harry Reid. Can someone ask HIM to stay away from Washington please?????

(2) Al Franken. You have no business being out of show business Stuart. Or in it.

(1) Barney Frank. It takes a lot to top this bunch. (Apparently having Frank in your name gets you in the top 2). Wait, is it wrong to make fun of short bus Congressmen?


  1. Good list but I don't think I could put them in a top to bottom order.

  2. The order varies by day probably. Next week it could be 12 new Demogogues...

  3. Have you ever seen anything so creepy?
    And where did you get that picture of Nasty Pelosi? My GOD, that would scare the bark off a tree. Was her makeup done with a hatchet?
    I think there is a reason that we send people like this to DC, to keep them away from our towns. (and children)

  4. I never thought of it that way - DC is the place to keep the clowns - and she really looks the part.

  5. You should include ED ASNER who was in that dreadful series LOU GRANT he is a big time admirer of JOE STALIN was in a short lived cartoon playing a freaky fish guy and starred in some movies that bombed and did also in the eco-crap series CAPTIAN PLANET

  6. He also obviously enjoyed playing an ass in Stone's JFK because the movie bought into the military-industrial complex killed Kennedy.

    Perhaps it's time for a new list.

  7. Everyone is born liberal, then we grow up and learn, that way of thinking is flawed in a free GOD LOVING COUNTRY, See , the way I see it, liberals refuse to grow up,sub-cumming to violence when they don't get their way, so child like.


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