December 30, 2008

Blagojevich one smart cookie!!

Today Illinois Governor Blagojevich appointed former State Attorney General Roland Burris to the U.S. Senate to fill President-elect Obama's vacant Senate seat. It's an interesting decision on many levels. He's appointing a black candidate who we're being told shouldn't be lynched. Odd.

He's being lambasted by Harry Reid who is saying he will refuse to seat the appointee. Obama has even finally called for Blagojevich to resign. Such indignation. Such moral certitude. But is Burris going to be in the Senate? Apparently. He won't caucus with Democrats. He will, on the surface at least be a pariah. So why accept the appointment if he can't caucus with his party and won't be an effective representative of his electors?

I'm no conspiracy theorist but...

So why would he appoint anyone, and why would anyone accept? Maybe I'm just being paranoid but doesn't this just play right into the Democrat narrative? Their narrative is that the Republicans are corrupt and they are pure as the wind driven snow. They represent real change. Then along comes the Blagojevich seat sale scandal and it punches a hole in that imagery. So what do the Democrats do? Political ju-jitsu. They turn the disadvantage to their advantage by doing the only thing they can do - try to appear clean and pure by condemning the immoral actions of an immoral man after he does something they've advised him not to do.

Except why did he do it? He had to know what the reaction would be. So maybe, just maybe (and I'm speculating here, I want to make that clear) he was advised to do something stupid in exchange for some type of leniency down the road. Perhaps a pardon is in the cards. By giving this opportunity for Democrats to foam at the mouth against one of their own and show their purity, the Democrats have the chance to look solid on ethics and government reform.

This is just pure speculation, but it just seems so oddly coincidental that a scandal within arms reach of the hope and change guy, suddenly is cast as Democrat outrage. And where are the Republicans on this? Nowhere. Why? They can be outraged but it comes off as political. Or they can come out in favor of the appointment, which would come off as insane. Or, they can shut up and let it play out. And if they do that, the Democrats control the narrative AGAIN, because they are the sole team in the game.

Somebody, somewhere, it is very possible, is pulling strings and laughing at us for our political naivete.

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