December 11, 2008

I am Canadian.

Let me prove it:

See? Now let me qualify it - I'm only Canadian by birth, I am American in spirit, and hopefully someday, citizenship.

So why am I interested in US politics? Well, you guys rock. You have a fantastic Constitution, a great checks-and-balances (with separation of powers) political system, a wonderful representative republic, a firm belief in freedoms with your 'negative rights'.

It's something that would benefit us here, despite so many Canadians looking down on the US (not all of us, many Canadians are conservative and pro-US). We have an appointed Senate, and no separation of Executive and Legislative powers. We are also hindered by the parliamentary system that results in such asinine stupidity as this:

Curly, Moe and Larry. I know, you have your own version of these guys,

(credit to WizBang)

But our Stooges are dangerous and anti-Democratic. Okay, yours might end up being that way too. But our threat is immediate, ridiculous and smacks of pouting. Canada has been slowly trending back to a conservative viewpoint over the last couple of years and the socialists, liberals and separatists are trying to stop that trend. Luckily we have a good leader and public dismay at the attempted power grab on our side.

One thing I will say we conservatives are doing better on right now in Canada, is that we have a better war chest than our opponents. That's something about which John McCain just didn't seem to understand the importance (leaving himself an insurmountable task) and something the GOP needs to correct before the next election cycle.

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