December 16, 2008

Obama's popular infrastructure plan

This is disheartening.

From Rasmussen;

This past weekend, President-elect Barack Obama revealed his plan to create 2.5
million jobs in America through massive infrastructure projects including rebuilding
roads and bridges, modernizing schools and developing alternative energy sources. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that Americans overall think the plan will be a good thing for the struggling economy.

Sixty percent (60%) of adults favor the mega-infrastructure plan, while 24% are opposed. Another 16% are undecided. Even a third of Republicans (34%) are in favor of the plan, along with 83% of Democrats and 61% of unaffiliated voters.

Women are more undecided than men. While 57% of women favor the plan, 19% oppose it, and another 25% are not sure. Meanwhile, 64% of men are in favor of the plan, with 29% opposed and just seven percent (7%) unsure.

At least it appears women are a bit sceptical. But every threat is an opportunity in disguise. Some Republicans have been out there explaining the fallacy of the infrastructure solution. It's been argued, quite convincingly that the efforts in the 1930's prolonged and deepened the recession. Of course there were tax components to that situation that are unlikely to be repeated here. But the infrastructure dollars have a lagged overall effect as the money cannot all be spent in the first year. The opportunity that needs to be seen here is to educate people about the fallacies inherent in the plan.

The challenge for Republicans is how to get that message out with a hostile MSM. There are other ways.

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