December 9, 2008

Is this man CNN's John Roberts?

I'd recently posted a Youtube clip of CNN's John Roberts slipping up and referring to Democrats as 'us'. CNN is the antithesis of Fox -- Unfair and Unbalanced. Unfair, yes. Unbalanced? Well, yeah.

I grew up in Toronto and I have inside access to this guy's past. He was the co-host of a show called "The New Music", and a substitute host of a show called "Toronto Rocks", think MTV in a one-person cardboard cut-out studio. But it was on the New Music where he 'shined'. He went by JD Roberts back then.

What you are privy to below, is truly shocking. It's long, and painful, but I urge you to watch it.

There were rumors abound at the time that JD Roberts and Nash the Slash were in fact one-and-the-same. Never proven.

Interestingly, finding old clips of him on the net has proven difficult. Apparently he's very protective of his image and his younger days do not help that image too much.

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