December 13, 2008

Dance with the one what brung ya'

So progressives are unhappy with The One? What a shame. Of course with the MSM running cover for the President Elect until about, oh 2015, perhaps it won't matter. Those core John McCain moderates who voted for Obama will vote for him again in 2012. Bill O'Reilly makes a similar point - the press has his back.

Hopefully by then McCain will have retired from the Senate. Thanks for the years of service to your country John, but don't do the GOP any more favors. Please. Enough. Just stop it. Wait, I was supposed to be talking about the liberal deflation of hope because Obama is moving to the center.

I think the progressives won't have to worry. What Obama has done, is brilliantly deceptive. He's gathered together a centrist team (by the way, I think that point is arguable) so that when the direction of the country tacks to the left, as it will, the press can run cover among moderates for him by pointing out that all these moderate centrists support what Obama is doing. And they will. And they can run cover for him among the far left too - claiming he has to fix Bush's 'mess', give him time to get to the 'good stuff'.

But conservatives and moderates need to keep their eyes open. Just because Bolton is sticking around doesn't mean that the Democratic party isn't still beholden to unions, progressives, environmentalists and all the other left-leaning groups. You gotta 'dance with the ones what brung ya'. And Obama, is setting the stage to subtly do just that. Clinton, Napolitano, Richardson etc. don't mean squat compared to the positions of Obama now.

  1. He's their boss.

  2. Besides, they aren't all that moderate.

The change is coming from Obama, not his Secretary of State. The supporting cast is there ostensibly to keep the train on the rails. But the driver is Obama. The one who was well acquainted with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Khalidi, Bernadine Dorhn and others. How do you have those acquaintances/friends and not share some common ground?

How does he garner such unrepentant support (so far) among the far left? Partly because he has cultivated their loyalty. Partly because his ambiguity has paid off for him. He's still a fill-in-the-blanks candidate / President-elect. And he's already trying to find that thin line he can ride through 2012 into a second term. Push left, and look left to progressives but look centrist to everyone else. And in the meantime, try to be Teflon to anything that conservatives try to stick on him. Tricky stuff.

We've got to get our act together before 2010 and certainly 2012. The alternative is the continued de-sensitization of Americans to the changing of America into another apathetic socialized country full of entitlement-seeking, neo-Europeans. (Sorry Europe, no cross-the-board offense intended).

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