December 4, 2008

Clean Coal, Solar and/or Drill Baby Drill?

Here's the argument for the government to subsidize clean coal and solar power.

While he makes a good case for both coal and solar power, he inadvertently makes an even better case for drilling here, now (by proxy). Though he doesn't mention it, the difference with drilling is that the government doesn't need to spend or subsidize for drilling oil or natural gas. In fact it generates corporate tax revenue and/or licensing rights levies for states or federally (to some possible extent) and from Income Tax on the jobs that are created. And eventually, it generates sales tax revenue as well. And in fact, since the window of return is shorter than for clean coal or (ugh!) solar, why not 'Drill baby, drill!'? Or at least try the 'all of the above' approach espoused by John McCain .

Any domestic energy production helps the balance of trade deficit, helps federal budgetary revenues, creates jobs and enhances national security. How could anyone be against that? Oh, yeah, I forgot about the environmentalist/socialist crowd who don't care if we are overrun by a hostile despotic power, as long as the owls are safe and global warming, er, climate change is fought with all our combined might...

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