December 24, 2008

The real meaning of change

Obama throughout the campaign season promised everyone hope and change. Seeing as he's been selecting Clinton retreads for his cabinet, the whole 'new people are needed to solve the old problems' angle is sort of shot. He's clearly not all that concerned about how Washington is run dysfunctionally, or he'd clean house, no?

There must be some other meaning to hope and change. For a while there, it seemed like the Bush tax cuts would be repealed early. At that point I was thinking that Obama would take your taxes in dollars,

and in turn, you would hope to be in one of his special interest groups so he could pass you out some change.

[Sure it looks bigger in the picture, it's shiny and new and impressive, but can you forget that at this point you're out the other $99.75?]

But while that still might happen, and by might I mean "probably will", it's not so imminent. If he's been promising hope and change, there has to be some other meaning to it. At this point for conservatives it can be narrowed down to one possibility - we have to hope that starting in November 2010 and by November 2012 we can begin to change what socialism will be unleashed on the United States of America over the next two years.

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