December 6, 2008

Keith Olbermann - hypocrite

I enjoy apolitical humor. One of my favorite shows is the Opie & Anthony radio show on XM satellite radio, and on some FM stations. Between the two of them and the obnoxious but hilariously cutting regular 'guest' Jim Norton, I get my fill of sarcastic, albeit frequently vulgar humor.

The boys are friendly with Sean Hannity, and Anthony at least leans towards conservative, and Jim too has a slight right lean to him. So that's a plus.

But once in a while there's an added bonus where they take to task the likes of Keith Olbermann. When radio "shock jocks" are calling you out for hypocrisy, you know that you are really near the bottom of the credibility scale;

Here's the Hannity interview with the boys. They're not for everyone but they do have a keen sense of humour;

And lastly, a little plug for Jim Norton;

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