December 22, 2008

Progressive stealth attack

A little while ago I posted some concerns (not assertions) about the creeping-Franken-election-count. I got a polite comment in return questioning why I was raising baseless accusations about a seemingly above board and all clean election recount.

I of course replied which prompted him to reply again. Politely again. However, I researched his name John Emerson, and found similar posts on other sites/blogs, especially since he stated he has been performing an Internet 'study' and offered corrections where he's found them.

What I found was a blog where he calls people thinking the election was being stolen 'morons' and one where he is seemingly a writer for the Minnesota Progressive Project, and claiming Norm Coleman is stealing the election.

So he claims that Coleman is stealing the election but wants me to offer evidence that Franken is trying to do so? Please. There have been numerous questions raised in countless places. If he doesn't want to believe what he's read in his 'Internet study', any evidence I might offer is going to fall on deaf ears.

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