December 13, 2008

MSNBC's turn in the light of day

Albeit briefly for now.

Mainly Socialists Nonsensical Broadcasting Community. Far worse than CNN.

O'Reilly discusses it.

Scarborough discusses it;

O'Reilly compares Fox to other outlets;

MSNBC is hyperbolic in their lean to the left. They don't balance out Fox, Fox isn't enough to balance them out because they are the fairest network. MSNBM+NBC+CBS+ABC+NYT+... versus Fox. And Fox tries to moderate itself by balancing in liberal talking heads in fairly even numbers.

The real question is, as a conservative - where's OUR Fairness Doctrine? Why do you think we own talk radio? Drive us out of that and we'll find something else that liberals will eventually try deem unfair. But to proclaim unfairness and imbalance on radio is blind at best and anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional and un-American at it's malevolent worst.

More MSNBC garbage to follow (guaranteed).

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